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Opera Italiana

In his Désordre Harmony Leonardo Labyrinth, Sen has decomposed the “Opera Italiana” theme in the art of Italian masters with his personal expression.

Having spent a great deal of time in Italy particularly in Milan, Rome, Sardinia, Florence, Naples and Tuscany, Sen says that Italian social culture and art cannot be separated. He believes Italians, who always gesticulate their expressions, live life as if in an opera stage.

Biblioteca Ambrosiana housing the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, the Ambrosian art gallery, is a historic library in Milan where Sen spends quality time meditating the operatic character of Italy. He believes the masters of Italian art also express this operatic drama in their paintings, among whom Leonardo da Vinci has inspired him tremendously. That is why in homage to Leonardo, Sen has interpreted The Last Supper in a way that the audience can participate in it by moving the pieces of canvas in Leonardo Labyrinth.