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Night spirit

Animals are pretty frequent in Sen’s paintings; however, in the eight paintings of “Night Spirit,” owls really have a particular meaning.

Owls become symbols of a specific culture. In William Shakespeare’s literature owls portend evil, the Fatal Bellman, Australian aborigines consider the owl to be the Sacred Soul of Women. For native Americans the owl is a creature of protective spirit. For Africans owls are linked to witchcraft.

Indians consider the owl to represent Prosperity. God that defends the Village is how the Japanese looks at the owl while Orthodox Russians say you encounter an owl when you are Reaching Heaven. For China the owl is Ferociously Brave.

Sen invites us to be open minded and go beyond the stereotypes to really grab. the meaning of a piece of art and at the same time he suggests we investigate the value of owls today and in different ancient cultures.

Alberto Moioli, Member AICA. Editorial Director, Enciclopediad’ArteItaliana, Art Advisor Art Affinity