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Multi-faceted emotion

For Sen, the Woman is the receptacle and provider of the symbols that make up Life in its deepest dimension of our human environment.

In these paintings he expresses his admiration for women and their ability to master, organize and show an emotion that is often the opening to a creative world. Indeed, for the artist, women have this ability of their own to change their emotional feelings according to the moment, according to the need. Thus, whether mothers or lovers, these different emotions complement each other, self-fertilize to define a real unity creating a personality with enriching and wonderful aspects. 

Sen wants to insist on the fact that women have an emotional quality which he qualifies as superior and which is not sufficiently highlighted in our world. Through these paintings, Sen strongly hopes that we too will have the opportunity to perceive and to understand that the Woman conceals secrets. He believes that the emotions women experience are in so many paths that it is up to us to follow them in order to discover the mysteries of life a little deeper. 

Patrice de la Perriére
Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres