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Breeze of Desire

This theme represents Sen’s willingness to give life to winds across the world. Here are two living beings, the woman and horse in proximity.

We have in this section a consistent and coherent search to poetically represent how the wind is the engine spreading desire throughout the world. So we have the Gregale, the Tramontane and the Sirocco winds in the Mediterranean sea, the extreme Baayamo of Cuba, the stormy Kosava from Serbia, the strong Vendevel of Gibraltar, a real pleasure for all surfers, the warm Pampero of Brazil and Argentina, and the strong and hot Karakaze from Japan. And the winds become an expressive force of inner desire and energy transposed in a canvas through a peculiar chromatic effort.

Alberto Moioli, Member AICA. Editorial Director, Enciclopediad’ArteItaliana, Art Advisor Art Affinity