Jean-Pierre de Faucigny Lucinge

Art Manager

Sen Shombit creates a sensitive, living and free world: At first glance, his works offer us an abstract
vision which gives free rein to wandering into his canvas, guided by our imagination. But secondly, behind the shimmering colors, there is a perfect marriage of dazzling touches. Juxtaposed here in the manner of a kaleidoscope, a vision appears. It is a vision that is universal, familiar to our rational eye. You suddenly discover figurative compositions that reveal a joyful and colorful reality that is hidden under a bright, subtle and poetic screen.

Unexpectedly, abstraction goes into the background and the figurative work begins to live: We gradually discover it, we tame it as we observe it, and it is difficult to detach our hypnotized eye from it. And we want to penetrate further by research into the representation. In his paintings, Sen Shombit knows how to do the synthesis of a double party: that of the look, and that of the facts. At the service of abstraction, he puts the luminous palette of Fauvism, wild and outrageous. By fanning the arbitrary and subjective conflagration of the colors, he frees them from reality.

Even as reality declines in his works, there appears a true lyrical symphony. He simultaneously proceeds to establish an underlying figurative space, either denying or multiplying the perspective effect, with a line freed from dazzling brightness. Sen Shombit thus creates a sensitive world, alive and free, that establishes the originality of pictorial writing. All this is not due to chance; it is the result of a lifetime devoted to painting. From his childhood, Sen Shombit was irradiated with the colors and luminosity of India. He has never stopped transmitting this heritage.

And today, through his works, he offers us his nights, his days of work, his research, his observation, his emotions, his joys, his love of life. In each of his works, he shares a part of himself. “Love and Courage” is his motto; it sums up well his way of understanding life.