Clement Berges

Art curator, Paris

Sen & Gesturism Art Sen draws his creative force, joy of life and hope from his ongoing exchange with his environment. His paintings witness a relentless pursuit of truth, a truth that springs from the universals of light, color, gestures and matter that he plays with.

Since the inception of his artistic search, the gesture is to Sen an instrument that descrambles an earlier world. What cannot be translated into words he makes manifest through his gestures. So his paintings become the very expression of his inner life where he intimates the gesture with a bare rigor that is devoid of any superficiality.

All his paintings come from this deep intuition that is steady, persistent and free in expression. Gesturism is his re-cognition way of environmental exchanges he has always pursued, never removed. The message of his pictorial and spiritual adventure has not finished, it is ongoing and overflowing with life.

Gesturism désordre installation: Outwitting the traditional image of the abstract, gestural and lyrical painter, Sen Shombit,’Indian artist,’ is actively involved in creating, with this concept “désordre”, a real interaction between his works and the spectator. Perfectly blending with the spectator, he invites him to participate in the development of his work. “This is a new style where, for the first time in the world, viewers can unscramble the original theme of the painting as well as recompose it in any way they want to.

In order to do this, the artist has in fact developed a process resembling a certain form of happening, around which the spectators are free to reinterpret the initial work by displacing portions of frames dissociated beforehand, all this with the objective of arriving at their own creation. 

This new form of art, which is both innovative and recreational, positions Sen Shombit as a big-hearted forerunner, ever attentive to offer more and more to his collectors.”

Gesturism painting: The multiplication of graphical movements makes his paintings a separate artistic movement. Invading the canvas with a sumptuous hypergraphism of pure and abundant colour, each scene, face or landscape is a vivid tale or story.

Very often his journey as a figurative yet abstract painter extends from observation to the eyes of a dreamer or imagination in order to magically result in a pictorial creation with acrylic painting on canvas. 

His works address a current inquiry on the immanence of the spectator as well as the intellectual survival of each in an ever-changing modern world.