Gesturism Art is the artist’s self discipline on visual and imaginative substance. This is a creative guiding principle to keep consistency of coherence in his painting style. It is applied with three characteristics:

– Impromptu concealed forms

– Gestural movement in the strokes

– Irreverent usage of colours

Sen’s treatment of Gesturism Art stems from his observation that all living beings have immeasurable gestures right from the time they are born. Living life is about motion, death collapses all gesticulations. The varied types of gestures in life’s trajectory, not just in human beings but in all creatures as well, has hugely impacted Sen’s artistic mind. The strokes from his painting brush bear testimony to his penchant for gestures. Watching him paint during his student days 1975 at Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris, one of his professors said, “Don’t ever lose the strength of your brush strokes, they distinguish your works of art…” Click on (1969-73 Archive) to see how gestures have dominated his works of art from an early stage.

Sen had delved deep into French art and culture since his arrival in Paris 1973, imbibing Modern Art that encompasses Impressionism, Expressionism, Pointillism, Fauvism, Cubism, Surrealism and Dadaism. These movements revealed to him that an artist’s identity emerges from the conceptual form of his artistry. Immersed in the structure of western art, he searched within himself for a conceptual form with a totally new visual appeal in his art. Three elements were cooking in his mind for a certain time:

  1. the boundless gestures of living beings that always stirred him,
  2. his French professor’s advice to never desert his bold brush strokes, and
  3. his yearning to find a new visual ideology for his art.

That’s how, in 1994, he started his new conceptual and visual form, calling it Gesturism Art

According to Sen, artistic imagination that starts in the head rolls down through the artist’s eyes and hands to be expressed on a physical surface to become a physical, single, unique piece of art. That’s why he totally escapes from the new phenomenon of digital art form, this virtual non-physical technical expression which he considers to be reproductive pseudo art. So for him Gesturism Art is a part of the physical expression of human skill and craftsmanship resulting in a single piece of art on canvas, paper or any other physical medium.