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As in his life, so in his paintings, you can sense Sen’s strong desire to explore the wanderlust of his mind through a profusion of colours. In this series themed “Wanderlust”, Sen impulsively wanders inside the soul of every living creature that he has lovingly arrested through his imagination. He believes that women have intense connect with all breathing beings of the universe. So he portrays women’s desire to experience wanderlust by taking ownership of the lives of different creatures through colour proximity. The creatures that women experience are diverse, ranging from butterflies to birds to the largest wild mammal on earth. Painting titles such as “Tight hug”, “Fluttering heart”, “Intertwine”, “Layers of emotion”, “Romancing the rhino” and “Impish love” among others speak with soul stirring colours of the happy relationship they share with one another. Sen also juxtaposes contrasting images of animals in the wild with tender touches of delicate living beings.  In the “Wanderlust” series of abstract paintings with hidden figuratives, you will discover in a profusion of colours what makes the earth’s creatures tick.