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Musings in monochrome 2015

An artist most irreverent with his colours, that’s Sen. But sometimes his mind whizzes back to those earnest times when he had first joined Kolkata art college in 1969. Those were exciting days for him, his dream of becoming an artist was just beginning to take shape in an art academic institution. The initial exercise his professors gave him, which he worked on very diligently, was monochrome artwork.  Take a look at his output then at“Perhaps I would not be able to do today what I had done when I was 15 years old!” says Sen. Working on this series Musings in Monochrome in 2015, the maturity of his style from his previous monochrome artwork is clearly evident. Also very apparent is his Gesturism Art ideology of abstract with hidden figuratives, along with his gestural conté treatment. Musings in Monochrome is not a remake of the past, it is visibly very different, you can see the consistency in his matured style.