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Ink Passion

Jean-Pierre de la Faucigny-Lucinge
French art critic

Sen’s hard work has led him to reflect on the conception of his artistic expression which he calls “GESTURISM ART”.

Working with ink requires great mastery of gesture because the artist cannot repent the strokes he’s made. The artist must constantly take and repeat the gesture he tames during a rigorous and tedious apprenticeship in search of perfection.

One of Sen’s masters said that a painter who is not able to paint a man falling from a window at the very time of his fall is not a good painter.  With Gesturism, Sen rose to the challenge.

If classical academic painting has been tied up and taken hostage by realism, Sen has unleashed it by giving it back its freedom through the gesture from which he makes it spring.

In his Ink Passion series, Sen invites us on a pigmentary journey where the colour of his inks, luminous, flamboyant, punctuated by large black lines, rigorously ordered and structured, participate in a masterful, nervous, sensitive and suggestive composition to an underlying eroticism.

The abundant richness of Sen’s inks intrigues us, fascinates us, challenges us with the profusion of forms, codes and symbols. 

His colourful harmonies, suffused with presence, oppose the silence of his blacks in radical compositions; as for the bright colours, their entanglement resonate with his dreamlike and poetic visions.

“Colour is par excellence the part that holds the magical gift, while the subject, the form, the line are primarily addressed to thought; colour has no meaning for intelligence, but it has overall power over sensitivity.” This reflection by Eugène Delacroix takes on its full meaning in the works of Sen.

In Ink Passion, Sen offers us the quintessence of his art, which he dedicates to love, joy and courage.