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Imagination in a small square: Battling 2020 lockdown

I want to thrash it, this horrible pandemic that’s crept up on us since January 2020. It is giving us nothing but grief in 24 hours. Its unpredictability at every hour has made so many families across the globe cry over the loss of their loved ones. It is pushing me to burst with my brush, colour and canvas. In exasperation, representing 24 hours, I chose to paint 24 small (20x20cm) canvases in one extended shot although I generally make large size paintings. I set out to express aggravation, but the result has been a cacophony of colours. “IMAGINATION IN A SMALL SQUARE: Battling 2020 lockdown” is the name I’ve given the series. Perhaps being irreverent with colours will somehow lead us to see the end of the tunnel.