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From a single large format canvas, Sen’s paintings can truly become “Grandiose” as this theme suggests, by getting them completed as multi-canvas polyptychs. When there is no boundary to imagination, Sen’s joy of painting can become irrepressible in these large size canvases. His illumination of colours in Gesturism Art explode with limitless strokes, just as there are never-ending gestural movements of all living beings, big or small, throughout the years they live and breathe. The more time you spend looking at Sen’s canvases, the more details you discern. Then you realize that you are looking at the overlapping forms of a woman and an animal or two in paintings called “Flirting”, “Fulfilment”, “Adultery” and “Soaring emotion” among others. He says, “Women really carry the emotion for me. Men dominate the world too much with muscle, there is no difference intellectually. I believe in a society where women are liberated.” Through an illumination of colours that express an extraordinary desire to live, Sen attracts and stimulates all the senses of the viewers, involving them in an intellectual and spiritual game.