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Collioure mon amour

Nestled at the foot of the steep slopes of the Pyrenees is the Mediterranean coastal city of Collioure which Sen has covered with perspective of colour. He created the series “Collioure mon amour” after his 2-month solo exhibition there in 2019 on invitation of the Mayor and municipality of Collioure. Like many, many artists and writers who had been inspired to express themselves creatively on visiting this spectacular place, Sen too was enmoured by Collioure. In his abstract style with hidden figuratives, Sen captured the charm of boats in the bay, Collioure’s land’s end with its tiny historic church, the mysterious mists around the lighthouse, the forests hiding a windmill, the grandeur of the royal castle, and the living breath of its different natural live inhabitants, all in his perspective of vibrant colours. Sen’s ode to this Catalan city’s unique light that constantly renews its colours, its landscapes is through his perspective of colour “Collioure mon amour” series.