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Charcoal waves 2007

In sharp contrast to Sen’s artistic signature which comprises vibrant colours, he sometimes very purposefully grips a piece of charcoal to feel the black dust on his fingers. This sense of no-colour, the stark blackness of charcoal, brings him back memories of his initial time at art college in Kolkata 1969 (see drawing artwork was a mandatory requirement in his college. Yet it is not nostalgia that makes him reach for charcoal. It is very stimulating for him that he can expose his Gesturism Art ideology of abstract with hidden figuratives even with this medium. Sen’s characteristic treatment with gestural strokes in the series Charcoal Waves is coherent with his style in the different media he works with. Even over the years, from art schools in Kolkata and Paris upto his matured style today, what distinguishes Sen’s art is the consistency that is clearly evident in his works.