Sen Bedouin   Sen Madame-Butterfly   Sen Curious   Sen Innocent
Bedouin   Madame Butterfly   Curious   Innocent
Sen Behind the eye   Sen Silent   Sen Stoic   Sen Colour Flirt
Behind the eye   Silent   Stoic   Colour Flirt
Sen Anguish   Sen Twins   Sen-Grim   Sen-Tender
Anguish   Twins   Grim   Tender
Sen Blonde   Sen Subtlety   Sen Gesturism Art   Sen spooky painter
Blonde   Subtlety   Spark   Caress
Sen modern art gesturism   Sen Cocooning Mother   Sen old paintings   Sen Ideation
Serein   Cocooning mother   Mind's eye   Ideation
Sen Strokes of her   Sen Mirror of dreams   Sen Ceremonial   Sen Engaging
Strokes of her   Mirror of dreams   Ceremonial   Engaging
Sen Familiar            
Universal emotion
"Universal Emotion" is a collection of human faces where Sen is more concentrated in making emotions stand out rather than in detailing the face profiles. Here we are very far indeed from academic portraiture as we can see in Stoic, Curious, Silent and Bedouin. Colours play an important role stirring deep emotions.
Whereas portraits of the avant-garde shifted towards abstracts, Sen's portraits emanate poetry and emotions. In doing so, he is strongly stimulated by the Indian désordre that in his canvases becomes a harmonic disorder. And definitely, words cannot convey all the emotions stirred by his colours and shapes.
Alberto Moioli, Member AICA. Editorial Director, Enciclopedia d'Arte Italiana, Art Advisor Art Affinity
Sen Désordre Barbizon
Sen art car
Gesturism art
Making art car
Sen Desordre Installation
Creating Gesturism art
Labyrinth, Milan
Expo in Milan
Tokyo Art Fair
Sen's art film
Sen art film
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