Sen Désordre Installation Saccaragia full metal   Sen Gigante Sardegna   Sen Rare Giara on Nauraghi   Sen Nuraghi Brush Bloom
Désordre Installation Saccaragia full metal   Désordre Installation Gigante Sardegna   Désordre Installation Rare Giara on Nauraghi   Nuraghi Brush Bloom
Sen Immoderate Nuraghi   Sen contemporary painters   Sen Sardinian Rhapsody   Sen Macomer Era
Immoderate Nuraghi   Mediaval st. Salvatore to Spiagia Bianca   Désordre Installation Sardinian Rhapsody   Désordre Installation Macomer Era
Mystic Island
Sen paints people and countries that fascinate him for their history and offer him new and deep emotions.
Mystic Island is dedicated to Sardinia, in Italy. He retraces Sardinia's extraordinary historical richness and the extreme beauty of its landscape through his personal artistic languages and codes. In this island full of contrasts, he finds a guideline in the representation of pre-historic Nuraghes, the tower fortresses that dot the Sardinian islands.
In fact, one of the most interesting aspects of this section is the continuous dialogue between painting and architecture, a dynamic and rhythmic dialogue. We can see the Church of Santissima Trinità di Saccargia, near Sassari, in the north of the island, reinterpreted with his scrambled art approach, Tharros by the sea, Medieval St. Salvatore nearby Spiagia Bianca.
In the Nuraghi Brush Bloom painting the beauty of natural landscapes is seen through the lens of Gesturism Art portrayed with a strong chromatic energy.
Alberto Moioli, Member AICA. Editorial Director, Enciclopedia d'Arte Italiana, Art Advisor Art Affinity
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