Sen Monet's walkway   Sen Monet's creeping rose   Sen Alone in Giverny   Sen Purity abloom in Giverny
Monet's walkway   Monet's creeping rose   Alone in Giverny   Purity abloom in Giverny
Sen Poppies in Giverny   Lete a Giverny        
Poppies in Giverny   Désordre Installation Lété á Giverny        
Monet's Eden
People generally buy real estate to build houses. But Monet bought land in Giverny, 73 km from Paris, to design an ideal garden from where he could paint different themes. Sen is hallucinated with the idea of an artist creating his own painting subject in Nature. Today after a hundred years of Monet's Impressionism, you don't just see his paintings but the origin of his painting source intact in his garden. This garden is very inspiring for Sen so he painted a series of paintings in his own style and colours based on Monet's actual garden.
Sen Désordre Barbizon
Sen art car
Gesturism art
Making art car
Sen Desordre Installation
Creating Gesturism art
Labyrinth, Milan
Expo in Milan
Tokyo Art Fair
Sen's art film
Sen art film
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