Sen  Flimmaker Luis Bunuel Art by Painter Sen   Sen famous artists Leonardo Da Vinci Charcoal Painting   Sen Genevan philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau Charcoal Painting by Painter Sen   Sen Paul Cezanne
Luis Bunuel   Leonardo da Vinci   Jean Jacques Rousseau   Paul Cezanne
Sen vincent van gogh art   Sen Romantic composer Gustav Mahler art   Sen Spanish painter Pablo Picasso   Sen Marcel Duchamp art by spooky painter Painter Sen
Vincent van Gogh   Gustav Mahler   Pablo Picasso   Marcel Duchamp
Sen spooky painting of Jean Cocteau   Sen American visual artist Man Ray   Sen max ernst paintings   Sen spooky painter sen Alberto Giacometti art
Jean Cocteau   Man Ray   Max Ernst   Alberto Giacometti
Sen spooky paintings   Sen Mood of Picasso   Sen Sigmund Freud    
Salvador Dali   Mood of Picasso   Sigmund Freud    
Masters I love
Sen says, "I grew up in the environment of all these artistes in France since I was 19 years old. I discovered them in different moments, in different angles of their art, music or film in my Parisian life. In 2007, I realized I've come to know these artistes in-depth in their aspirational, artistic and creative palettes. In a sudden coudre foudre I drew them all in a week in my Gesturism perspective."
Sen Désordre Barbizon
Sen art car
Gesturism art
Making art car
Sen Desordre Installation
Creating Gesturism art
Labyrinth, Milan
Expo in Milan
Tokyo Art Fair
Sen's art film
Sen art film
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