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Immoderate   Jealous   Transmission   Him & her
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Magnetica   Reverie   He-She   Loyalty of love
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Ecstasy   Determined   Company   Gossip
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Hug   Lust   Touch   Romance at springtime
Installation Man-Woman            
Installation Man-Woman            
Throughout Sen's artistic evolution we can easily and frequently see a sort of dualism rooted in his very personality of being a French artist of Indian origin. This dualism creates the uniqueness of his creative language. In the "Companion" section this dualism is particularly evident in the juxtaposition between man and woman, between the language of Gesturism Art and the influence of India's "désordre".
Colours burst out following body lines in the painting called Immoderate. This painting offers us an immense beauty resulting from the artist's inner reflection. The paintings included in this section have almost a photographic precision. They immortalize the eternal love between bodies touching each other, talking to each other, sighing at each other.
Verlaine, the friend of many Impressionists and musicians in the second part of the 19th century, has expressed, "A profound quiet descending from heavens, enlighten by stars: the sweetest hour." He would certainly fall in love with Sen's deep sensitivity and ability to capture "the sweetest hour."
Alberto Moioli, Member AICA. Editorial Director, Enciclopedia d'Arte Italiana, Art Advisor Art Affinity
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