Sen Devil's time   Sen Evil blossom   Sen Remembrance   Sen Thorny love
Devil's time   Evil blossom   Remembrance   Thorny love
Sen Awakening Notre Dame   Sen Starlets de St. Tropez   Sen SMorvan beauty   Sen Auvergnien geyser
Awakening Notre Dame   Starlets de St. Tropez   Morvan beauty   Auvergnien geyser
Lumiere de Aix en Provence   Sen Un Passage d'avignon   Sen Hope beyond smallest paris road   Sen Medieval Veselay
Lumiére de'Aix-en-Provence   Un Passage d'avignon   Hope beyond smallest paris road   Vézelay la médiévale
Sen Route de Napolean   Sen Woman in Dijon wind   Sen Auvergnien waterfall   Sen Autumn in Provence
Route de Napolean   Woman in Dijon wind   Auvergnien waterfall   Autumn in Provence
Sen Normandy winter   Sen Lavande De Sud   Sen Vosges Winter Cascade   Sen Grasse Lavender Aroma
Normandy winter   Lavande de sud   Vosges winter cascade   Grasse lavender aroma
Sen Vosges Autumn Cascades   Sen Calme De Volcon   Sen French Wine   Sen Cassis Gorges
Vosges autumn cascades   Calme de volcon   French wine   Cassis gorge
Sen Montpellier Breeze   Sen Golden Burgundy   Sen Yellow Dijon   Sen Réveil sur le Périgord
Montpellier breeze   Golden Burgundy   Jaune de Dijon   Réveil sur le Périgord
Sen Wind Deauville            
Wind Deauville            
Breathing France
"Breathing France" is a true hymn of love through colours and emotions.
We find a consistent guideline in this section. Each stroke spurs beauty and optimism; we never find a clashing tone or a social denunciation. Perhaps unconsciously, his landscapes are linked to the School of Barbizon where awareness for the protection of natural beauty was first developed among artists and students.
In this section we find the marvellous view of a romantic little street in Paris or in Avignon or even in the medieval village of Vèzelay in Bourgogne. Of course in this section we constantly perceive the strong influence that two pillars of the history of art have had on Sen, Claude Monet and Jean Francois Millet. "Breathing France" paintings are unique. They represent Sen's sincerest acknowledgment of the opportunities, love and respect that France has offered him. At the same time it's an act of his deepest love for a country that means so much to him.
Alberto Moioli, Member AICA. Editorial Director, Enciclopedia d'Arte Italiana, Art Advisor Art Affinity
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