Sen Colour bath   Sen Curious   Sen Fantasm   Sen Purpose
Colour bath   Curious   Fantasm   Purpose
Sen Sense   Sen Apsara   Sen Grace   Sen Vibration
Sense   Apsara   Grace   Vibration
Sen Bliss   Sen Lava   Sen-Silhoutte   Sen Tenderness
Bliss   Lava   Silhoutte   Tenderness
Sen Natural beauty   Sen Parallels   Sen Hedonism   Sen Elevation
Natural beauty   Parallels   Hedonism   Elevation
Sen Nude beauty   Sen Caring   Sen Another love   Sen Nude lines
Nude beauty   Caring   Another love   Nude lines
Sen Magical mystery   Sen Moody Blue   Sen Softness   Sen Purpose of the universe
Magical mystery   Moody Blue   Softness   Purpose of the universe
Sen Erotica Horizon   Sen Erotica 8   Sen Woman I love   Sen-Love enveloped
Erotica Horizon   Erotica 8   Woman I love   Love enveloped
Beauty of curves
Drawing plays a key role in "Beauty of Curves": drawing has inspired Sen since he was an eight-year-old kid.
"Drawing is the art of making lines take a stroll" said Paul Klee. For Sen drawing is a sort of natural synthesis between thought and its representation. Drawing is a pillar of art and in his approach Sen follows Mantegna, Bellini, Tiziano, Tiepolo, Le Corbusier and of course Leonardo, so much loved and studied by Sen.
Drawing is not purely a tool for his creativity but also a key component of the artistic codes used in his paintings. As Vincent Van Gogh once said: "Drawing opens a door through an iron curtain dividing what you feel from what you can."
Sen's works fascinate the viewer with a sort vital energy spreading from a constant dialogue between drawn forms and chromatic harmony. Drawing and colour enchant the viewer and recreate an endless magic atmosphere.
Alberto Moioli, Member AICA. Editorial Director, Enciclopedia d'Arte Italiana, Art Advisor Art Affinity
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