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Addictive Lutece, Désordre installation, 2016 Acrylic on canvas 76 x 76 cm with 9 canvas 20 x 20 cm each
Illustration of 'désordre' installation functioning:
The moving images above illustrate a désordre installation where one painting can transform to have multiple interpretations, from abstract forms to discovering the original figurative art..
Probably no other art piece in the world would invite viewers to physically unscramble it to recompose it in any way they want to within a given theme. They can even find the original painting done by Sen. That's désordre art installation which Sen started from 2008. Gestures of viewers touching the inventive désordre art make it non-static, endowing it with life and movement. As each canvas can move 360 degrees within a magnetic frame, collectors can even regularly change canvas placements to see the same painting in different perspectives.
See the animated painting below called "Man-Woman Connect." The six canvases can move 360 degrees in a magnetic frame for hand manipulation. When the white lines in the canvas join, you will find the original painting that Sen painted. This illustrates the mechanism of how all the desordre installations can be dealt with.
Disorder in daily life Disorder in daily life Disorder in daily life Disorder in daily life
An example of Indian physical disorder
Source of Sen's invention of désordre installations is from India's physical disorder
The impact of India, the world's most heterogeneous society, is what gave rise to désordre of Sen. Since ancient times, migrants from Greece, Africa, Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, Europe and more recently the British arrived to mingle into India resulting in the creation of extreme diversity and physical, unpredictable disorder in every aspect of life. In spite of that, India's values of love, affection and inclusiveness are highly treasured among the multiple cultures where every single reality is interpreted with different visions.
Sen has taken this cultural form of physical disorder in India into the world of art through his contemporary art form he has named désordre.
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