Enciclopedia d'Arte Italiana
Visual calligraphy   Installation Art of sachet   Vegetal luxuriance   Vegetal luxuriance in watercolour
1994 Visual calligraphy   1993 Installation Art of sachet   1991 - 94 Vegetal luxuriance in oil   1991 - 94 Vegetal luxuriance in watercolor
Time of contemplation   Academic period Paris      
1986 - 90 Time of contemplation   1973 - 76 Academic period Paris   1969 - 73 Academic period Kolkata    
Sen's works of art upto 1993, previous to his creation of Gesturism Art.
These works show his academic draughtsmanship skill from 1969 to 1973 in India before he left for France, and also his academic work in the French art schools Ecole des Beaux-Arts and Penninghen (Academie Julian) upto 1977. Subsequently, he started significant colour exploration and figurative work in a series of painting works to distinguish his artistic vision as a French artist.
Sen Désordre Barbizon
Sen art car
Gesturism art
Making art car
Sen Desordre Installation
Creating Gesturism art
Labyrinth, Milan
Expo in Milan
Tokyo Art Fair
Sen's art film
Sen art film
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